LYS Day 2024

We are ready to celebrate LYS Day with a limited edition colorway "Love My Local Yarn Shop". "LYS Lover" Theme Packs, and a custom Love + Leche scent lotion bar, "Lemon Cake"!

We've also kitted two, 100g skeins of our Super Silky OR a skein of Super Silky bundled together with Marvelous Mohair in perfect color combos! Super Silky pair is great for Casapinka's "Hug Shot", "Breathe and Hope", and "Local Yarn Shawl", Laura Dobratz' "Lazy Hiker", and "Soundwaves", Cally Monster’s “4-ever in Blue Jeans", “Peace and Hoppiness, and SO MANY MORE! 

Place your order by MARCH 31 to have them in your shop by LYS Day (April 27th)