Snow Matter What Gnome Bundles

Join Sarah Schira in her December Gnome MKAL!

"It’s almost Longest Gnight but there hasn’t been a single snowflake fluttering in the sky. The Grimblewoods are a dreary, frozen brown landscape, and the gnomes are getting worried. Without snow in the darkest days, the light doesn’t reflect very well and houses and hearts seem darker this year. The littlest gnomes are especially anxious - how will the Gnome of the Gnorth light lanterns on Longest Gnight if his sleigh can’t slide speedily through the snow?"

Each “Snow Matter What” gnome kit requires four different Practically Perfect Smalls, and each of our gnome bundles come with enough Practically Perfect Smalls to build 5 of the same gnome kits. For a great variety of Smalls, order multiple bundles!

Looking to order a kit? Find yours at any of the following Local Yarn Shops!

Four Purls Yarn Shop (FL)

A Good Yarn (FL)

Friends & Fiberworks (NC)